Auto Financial Group


Auto Financial Group provides a wide variety of support services to the auto finance industry. One of our key activities is the management of portfolio disposition through auto auctions, internet facilities and wholesale outlets. Important features of our program are:

  • A highly experienced management team;
  • An approach to remarketing vehicles that is tailored to the client’s portfolio profile;
  • An inventory management system that is linked to every member of the National Auto Auction Association. This coverage includes Canada as well as auctions and internet providers in the U.S.;
  • Partnerships with highly skilled skip tracing companies. We can offer a team approach that covers all of your asset recovery needs;
  • Unequalled customer service;
  • Customized reporting of financial results;
  • Quick turnaround of funds.

The AFG Remarketing Program is designed to provide our clients with industry leading financial results wrapped in a package that is both operationally efficient and client friendly. We bring to market each individual asset in a manner and venue where it will obtain the greatest financial return to our client. While most of our competitors use a centralized approach to liquidating vehicles, we know that the only way to consistently achieve maximum financial results is to put each asset in an environment where there are a large number of buyers of the type of asset being sold. Our goals are to:

  • Achieve maximum financial results for each individual asset;
  • Move inventory rapidly through the remarketing channel most appropriate for the asset;
  • Exceed our client’s service expectations;
  • Provide the best information possible to help manage your business;
  • Put funds in the hands of our clients within three days of the sale.

Contact us at (877) 354-4AFG for more details.